Saturday, January 9, 2016

A promotion!

I started working at Visa in April. One of my colleagues who just finished her accounting masters, ended up leaving, which opened up a position on our team. I applied for the position, but due to policies at Visa, they don't usually promote someone who's been with the company for under a year.
My boss really wanted me to have the promotion, as I was doing a majority of the work anyway. Well, after quite a bit of time and thinking that I wouldn't get it, I got a call from HR the day I was flying to Arizona. Imagine my surprise that I was getting the promotion plus a significant raise. What a blessing this will be this year.
My boss's bosses were visiting our office this week, and after a conversation with them, they told my boss that they are glad that the position came to me. It was a nice reassurance and I'm looking forward to working with them over the coming months.

Christmas in Arizona

This year, it was our year to spend Christmas together as a family. I flew in to Phoenix and then drove up Christmas Eve.

Jacob's first Christmas, he's a happy camper!
A surprise visit from Santa!
I love my big, loud and sometimes silly family. It was great to spend this Christmas with most of them.
Dad turned 70 this year so Vonda flew from Oregon to Utah, then Ruth, her kids, Vonda and I all drove to Arizona. It was a surprise for mom and dad when we showed up. Keeping the secret for months wasn't easy, but it was worth it!

Ruth was confused about where The Gap was and we almost ran out of gas and asked an Indian if they would take Ruth and I into Chinle to get a couple of gallons that we could put in the car, which was just enough to get us to Chinle to fill up. So we took advantage of the detour and ate lunch at Sonic. Vonda being silly like she always is. Love her!

Adaline and Cordelia did really well on the drive. Here they are enjoying some tots. Haha

When we got to Lakeside we met up with Mom, Dad, Bridgette and Cody to have dinner at Wendy's. As you can see, silliness runs in the family.

Before heading back to Utah, we all met for dinner at The Lotus Garden. It was such a special trip to get to spend time with my amazing father for his 70th birthday. I hope and pray that he is around for many, many more years.
Love my family!

And it was snowing on our way back to Utah. Who knew that Arizona would get more snow this year than Utah!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I've been slacking

I just looked at my last post, and it was over a year ago. Whops!

I tend to post more on Facebook, as it is a little easier/faster and my blog has taken the brunt.

Many things have happened: I've had two different jobs (I'm currently an accountant at Visa), I've moved twice (just further north in Utah, and then one city south), I've ran multiple races (my first relay race happened this year between Idaho and Wyoming), a nephew was born, my parents have almost finished their house and many other things.

I ended up looking at my blog because a good friend started a blog to talk about her infertility journey. She's such a strong person to share something so intimate, it got me thinking that I should stop being so lazy and get back to it.

This started as a travel blog, and other than traveling between Utah and Arizona, I haven't done any additional traveling. I hope to change that in 2016!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet the Mormons

Because there is so much misinformation about what a "Mormon" is, the Church has been encouraging members to attend the movie "Meet the Mormons" in the theater to help keep it in the theaters longer so that more non-members can watch it and learn a little more about is. I went on Thursday night to watch this movie. What amazing stories! Not only does it introduce non-members to the church, but it strengthens the members.
Today at church, I got to meet one of the cast members! My bishop's wife is daughter of the "Candy Bomber" and he came and spoke to us today in church. What a lovely man, and such an amazing story! You can tell he has modeled his life after Jesus Christ, and I was honored to get to meet him.

Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference Sunday afternoon drive

 My roommate and I decided to take advantage of the nice day and a Sunday afternoon drive up the mountains to see the changing of the leaves.
 The mountains are SO beautiful!
 Love artistic shots!
 I am happy to be in the beautiful nature!

Halloween decorations coming along...

I love Halloween!!!! As all those who know me can attest. And I'm a little later than I wanted to be decorating for my one of my favorite holidays...but it is starting to come along. :)

I made this scarecrow! It took about 20 minutes. He might just be my new boyfriend! Lol. J/K.