Sunday, March 28, 2010

Russian Nuclear Bunker Tour

We went and saw the bunker in a little remote area of Latvia. It was in case there was nuclear war and it was kept classified until 2003! It is a fully sustainable environment for 250 for up to 3 months. It has a power facility, water, cooking facilities, and it is 5 meters under the ground under layers of concrete, lead, and other "protective" elements from a  nuclear bomb with "direct" communication to Moscow. When the Soviets left Riga, they left everything. So there is equipment, papers, a suitcase, even jackets! It was incredible! A "MUST" do if you ever come to Latvia! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oslo, Norway

Well, I've been to Norway...but I can't say that I saw much of it! I was sick the ENTIRE time that I was in Oslo. I went to take the FSO exam, my boss was awesome enough to give me admin time to do so, and my body rewards me by getting a sinus infection. Let me just say, they are THE WORST! :( I have never been so sick as I have since coming to Riga, oh well...such is life! I am on antibiotics now, so hopefully it will not be long before I am back to normal.
What I did see of Norway just reiterated the fact that I want to visit again, hopefully when I am feeling well enough to go out and see all the sights! :) Until then, here is some of the snowy scenary that I saw on the train to the airport! :)